INSIGHT stands for "Implementing New Strategies with Insulin Glargine for Hyperglycemia Therapy"

What is the INSIGHT Study?

Most people with Type 2 Diabetes that cannot be controlled with diet and exercise are started on pills (oral hypoglycemic agents).  The INSIGHT study is looking at whether it would be better for these people to be treated with insulin instead of oral hypoglycemic agents.  People with Type 2 Diabetes don't have enough insulin due to a combination of insulin resistance and not enough insulin production from their pancreas.  Oral hypoglycemic agents are foreign chemicals that can either reduce the insulin resistance or stimulate the pancreas to secrete more insulin.  As these chemicals are not normally present in the body they can have side-effects in some people.  Alternatively, starting with insulin therapy right away might be a better choice.

What is Insulin glargine?

Insulin glargine (also called Lantus) is a new basal insulin analogue whose slow and steady absorption allows for better blood sugar control with less hypoglycemia.  Learn more about insulin analogues.

What are the benefits of joining INSIGHT?

There is a 50 % chance you will be chosen for insulin treatment.  If you are chosen the insulin treatments will be provided free of charge.  All participants will receive a glucometer, free test strips, and complete coverage of their parking costs.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for INSIGHT you must be between the ages of 18-80 years old and have had Type 2 Diabetes for at least 6 months.  You must also not currently be taking insulin therapy for your diabetes.  If you are not sure what type of diabetes you have ask your doctor.  More complex eligibility criteria is listed below, but it is best to go through it with either your family doctor or you can also inquire about your eligibility by phoning the number listed below.

I am interested in volunteering or finding out more...

McMaster INSIGHT Clinic Phone: 905-529-7070 x22205

If you live in Stoney Creek and would prefer to stick to the East end of Hamilton you can instead call 905-662-2375 (office of Dr. F. Fraser).



Eligibility Table
Age 18-80
Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus For at least 6 months
Allowed therapies

(stable for past 3 months)

Diet and Exercise

1 or 2 Oral hypoglycemic agents

Therapies not allowed



(current or previous use not allowed)

HbA1c 7.5 - 11.0 %
BMI (body mass index) 21 - 40
Willing to accept 50 % chance of therapy with insulin glargine
Pregnant or breast-feeding No
Night-shift workers No
Liver or kidney failure No
History of alcohol/drug abuse No