There are many websites on the internet containing information about health and disease.  Many of these sites contain accurate information, many do not.  You should discuss the source and validity of any internet-derived medical information with your own physician before making any decisions that could affect your health.  The information on www.drharper.ca reflects standards of Canadian medical practice and where possible is supported by scientific evidence derived from clinical trials.  Results from such scientific studies is available from the National Library of Medicine search engine PubMed.

The following links have been found by Dr. Harper to be useful in providing information about various issues in endocrinology and metabolism.  Dr. Harper does not maintain these websites himself and so cannot guarantee their validity.


Mythyroid.com  This website is devoted to thyroid disorders and is maintained by Dr. Dan Drucker, a thyroid specialist at the University of Toronto.  Dr. Drucker is a former teacher of Dr. Harper and the website Mythyroid.com has provided much of the inspiration for www.drharper.ca

Thyroid Foundation of Canada  A Canadian volunteer organization devoted to patients with thyroid disease.  Their website contains considerable information about thyroid disorders



Endocrine Society

The Hormone Foundation


Canadian Diabetes Association

American Diabetes Association

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation