Recent Talks


Recent talks given by Dr. Harper at various educational rounds are available here for you to download.  These talks are meant only for educational review and do not constitute an actual consultative opinion by Dr. Harper on any specific patient.  Furthermore, while Dr. Harper does not have any concerns about other people using these slides for their own purposes, he cannot necessarily endorse the opinions expressed by other people even if his slides are incorporated into their presentation.

Just click on the talk titles below to download:

The Thyroid (Powerpoint): March 23, 2005.  McMaster Mini-Med School

Pituitary Insufficency (Powerpoint, 2,122KB): Feb 9, 2005.  Medicine Half-Day

DKA/HONK (Powerpoint, 732KB): Aug 11, 2004.  PGY-1 Academic Half-Day

Pregnancy and Endocrinology: July 21, 2004.  Medicine Academic Half-Day

Hyercalcemia (Powerpoint, 1,253KB): July 19, 2004.  HGH CTU Noon Rds

Inpatient Rx of DM (Powerpoint, 576KB): Jul 5, 2004.  HGH CTU Noon Rds

Thyroid Disease (no pictures): June 2, 2004.  Marquis Gardens Thyroid Foundation

Non-Diabetic Hypoglycemia (no pictures): May 14, 2004.  Medicine Grand Rds HGH

Type 2 Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease: May 11, 2004.  Cardiology Grand Rds HGH

DKA: April 20, 2004.  CTU Morning Report

Anxiety Disorders (Dr. Randi McCabe): Mar 17, 2004.  McMaster Mini-Med School

Diabetes Mellitus: Mar 17, 2004.  McMaster Mini-Med School

Type 2 DM Treatment (Powerpoint, 3,620KB): Jan 22, 2004.  Joe Brant talk

Atypical Antipsychotics and Diabetes: Dec 16-17, 2003.  Endo/Psych Rds

Diagnosis of Thyroid Disorders (Powerpoint, 804KB): Dec 9, 2003. FMD Med Ed Rds

Thyroid Disorders (Powerpoint, 1,540KB): Dec 1, 2003.  HGH CTU Noon Rds

Sodium Disorders (Powerpoint 1,161KB): Nov 25, 2003.  Trauma Rounds

Pheochromocytoma (Powerpoint, 576KB): Sep 10, 2003.  Anesthsia half-day